‘Year one after the gig that started it all’..

The first taste of champagne on a woman’s lips. That’s how it feels to hear the songs you’ve written come to life. Idea turned into a tangible thing. Been a year since I started doing what I do. Before the record deal, before the hair. The next thing to be is to go on tour to…

Live at SaGuijo for the POP Shoppe

Last week I performed at SaGujio Makati for the POP Shoppe with The Dragonfly Collector, Bing Austria & The Flippin Soul Stompers. This is Nitoy Adriano and me singing ‘Like a rolling stone Photos by Eric Valenzuela

Live at SaGuijo for The Pop Shoppe

I’ll be playing at the ‘saGuijo Cafe + Bar Events ‘ this coming Wednesday 4th Febuary 2015. If you want a copy of my single, click the link : bit.ly/headbackhome