Nowhere My Darling : A Preview Gig

Friends, the forthcoming album we are making is shaping up; and just before the official release, we end the year with a preview of the new songs (what we have so far) and we are celebrating at Siglo Brotherhood Barbershop with special performances. December 18. See you all! LINEUP Pordalab friluen (Dumaguete) Wee Deang Headroom Dreamverse

The Sleepy Eyes Book Tour

THE SLEEPY EYES TOUR DATES 9/20 Route 196, Quezon City 9/29 Buku Buku, Dasmarina 10/7 Satchmi, U.P. Town Center 10/13 Marina De Bay, Puerto Prinsesa 10/17 Dapip Foodpark, Laguna 10/19 Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Baguio City 10/20 Clean Beach Co. La Union 10/22 Sagada Cellar Door, Sagada 10/30 Studio 042, Baler 10/31 Museum of Philippine Social…

What Happens To A Dream ? Volume One

    I’ve written some poetry and songs when we were on tour. All the people I met on the road, all the hallucinations, the good and the bad and the wild things that ran so fast. We’ve compiled these poems in “What Happens To A Dream? Vol. 1” Publishing a chapbook this August 18…

New single // ‘Recurring Dream’

    Spotify // Youtube // iTunes Written by Ian Penn Recorded at Mt.Arayat, Pampanga Mix & Mastered at Redverb Studios, Quezon City lyrics Darling Do you remember? I loved you in the dead of the nightI know you Like a recurring dream In a hotel room window Kissing I met you in a terrible…

Photos from The Invisible Tour

    Philippine Tour 2018 March – April – May Photos by Ian Penn, Miguel de Quiros, Joee Mejias, Mariah Reodica, Marloun tabios, Nigel Llamas