‘Year one after the gig that started it all’..

The first taste of champagne on a woman’s lips. That’s how it feels to hear the songs you’ve written come to life. Idea turned into a tangible thing. Been a year since I started doing what I do. Before the record deal, before the hair. The next thing to be is to go on tour to…

The World is Your Oyster Philippine Tour

‘Everyone is waiting on the other side..’ I am pleased to announce that I will be touring the Philippines supporting Dragonfly Collector  from August to December 2015! Always in transit. Backpacking. On the road. The Venues & Ticket details of the Whole Tour will be announce in the coming days. Meanwhile, the first leg of The World…

‘Wild Abandon’ EP Out Now + Monday Night Launch Party

Few months ago, I read a story about a man travelling in Spain. Curious of the culture, wanting to see what’s on the other side. He had no money, he had nothing to lose, and so the road was waiting. He met great folks along the way, he ran with the bulls, slept on the…

Live at SaGuijo for the POP Shoppe

Last week I performed at SaGujio Makati for the POP Shoppe with The Dragonfly Collector, Bing Austria & The Flippin Soul Stompers. This is Nitoy Adriano and me singing ‘Like a rolling stone Photos by Eric Valenzuela

Live at SaGuijo for The Pop Shoppe

I’ll be playing at the ‘saGuijo Cafe + Bar Events ‘ this coming Wednesday 4th Febuary 2015. If you want a copy of my single, click the link : bit.ly/headbackhome