What Happens To A Dream ? Volume One

    I’ve written some poetry and songs when we were on tour. All the people I met on the road, all the hallucinations, the good and the bad and the wild things that ran so fast. We’ve compiled these poems in “What Happens To A Dream? Vol. 1” Publishing a chapbook this August 18…

Kalye Lakandula : #HaveALittleTime Photos

Here are the photos of #HaveALittleTime! Many thanks  to our friends from Kalye Lakandula Art Gallery (Bong, we love you) UP Musicians’ Guild, Prodigy, CLTV36 & WE ARE THE UNDERDOGS PRODUCTIONS! Taken by Prodigy  

ANGELES CITY : A night of Music at Kalye Lakandula Art Gallery

I met the curators of Bale Anghel when I performed in Cafe Museo two months ago. Bale Anghel is a shelter, a home for street children in the heart of Angeles City. These kids have been out on the street, begging for alms, 35 of them now, and they cling to this home because they…

The Life in Bale Anghel: A Home

    Bale Anghel is a shelter for street children. It is a sanctuary where kids can eat, take a bath, sleep, and learn about life. I was introduced to the curators of the home after doing a show for Cafe Museo,  Angeles City. I thought if I could ask my friends to help me organize…

PEP TV Performance

  We talked about my new record Wild Abandon for their Saturday night show. PEPTV is a local network here in Angeles City and once in a while they feature Kapampangan artists like me. Stream here! http://www.peptv3.com