Radio Republic Review : “Headback Home”


“Well, howdy cowboy… where’s my horse… or carabao? Pinoy eh. Ian Penn. Yeah! Interesting sonics coming from this young man. I’m elated to see so much variety coming from the next gen of artists coming out of the water, standing on their own two legs. Ian Penn gets my attention immediately in the clean pluck in the intro and totally finds me immersed by the time the harmonica comes in. Head Back Home. It makes you think of the context of where he is coming from. Is he a balikbayan? Is he a balikbayan who went to the Philippines and then is going back to the US? Well I can only really guess here at this point. While such a song may find itself more at home in foreign shores, I am confident that Ian will find some fans from the motherland that can call his music home. It’s a matter of perspective, yeah? Speaking of home, I can’t wait to head back to Manila next week. Looks like Ian will be one of those artists I gotta check out when I Head Back Home.” – Zach Lucero

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