The Life in Bale Anghel: A Home




Bale Anghel is a shelter for street children.

It is a sanctuary where kids can eat, take a bath, sleep, and learn about life.

I was introduced to the curators of the home after doing a show for Cafe Museo,  Angeles City.

I thought if I could ask my friends to help me organize a benefit show, maybe we can sing together and help these children.


This July 29, 8 Kapampangan musicians will play at Kalye Lakandula Art Gallery!

All our proceeds will be used to purchase School and Art materials for the 35 children of Bale Anghel. The show will start at 8:00 PM and Tickets would cost 100PHP with 1 drink.

Help us spread the word, this is going to be a great night!

(We will be announcing the performers together with the official poster this week!)

These children are now having music and dance lessons. They perform once in a while for the community and show their talents. No longer in the streets. Home.


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