Volcano Diamond Press Review

The folks from Volcano Diamond Press, did a review of  the new record ‘Wild Abandon’. An honest review I may say. Check it out!

“Wild Abandon”, Ian Penn takes a hike away from the trappings of the metropolis in favor of the raw simplicity of his home in the Pampanga countryside.


The 6-song album is competently recorded and is available online.

Wild Abandon
This first song is good albeit it could use more points of interest musically and lyrically, expressing, perhaps, the intent to abandon and not the act of abandoning itself.

Cold Mountain
This song wins because it is emotive – expressing in mood, music and lyrics, the idea of a home where the chilly ai makes it nice to cozy up in some blankets.

It’s composed of two stanzas that repeat, at first slowly and lowly and then rising, giving new meaning to the words as they’re repeated.

Miss April
A case of show vs. tell, this song tells about leaving the stresses of the city to see a lady love up in the mountains. (The twist here is that the lady love could be the summer month of April itself). Regardless, this song could have shown this eagerness more through its melodies.

Have a Little Time For Yourself
This is the high, wild abandon song we’re looking for! It can work either as happiness or anger. The lyrics are simple but they don’t need to be otherwise.

Don’t look back on your mistakes/
Have a little time for yourself/
You can’t please them either way/
Have a little time for yourself.

Live Another Day
I like the self-deprecating humor here. The guy is talking to his mama, and it could literally be his mama warning him to take care and be healthy. To which, he says  “I’m balding, I have a been so thin.“

Different Kinds of Strangers
Musically, it’s a good tune to close the album with but lyrics like these need more work:

If you see me on your doorstep/
I hope you will have the heart/
To be the change I’ll see the closest/

As a consequence, the song felt a tad too long at 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

Wild Abandon is a great album as a whole and with a little more abandon, we can expect more things from Ian Penn.


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