‘Wild Abandon’ EP Out Now + Monday Night Launch Party

Few months ago, I read a story about a man travelling in Spain. Curious of the culture, wanting to see what’s on the other side. He had no money, he had nothing to lose, and so the road was waiting.

He met great folks along the way, he ran with the bulls, slept on the streets. He said that this experience was his very own Wild Abandon. He went on living this rugged kind of monastic life, and at the end of his journey, through the forest, into the deep, he jumped off a cliff (not that high) with a silly, peaceful grin on his face, ceaselessly drifting away.

I think all of us have our own ‘Wild Abandon’ stories, and on this EP, you’ll hear some of mine. It’s the kind of record I want people to bring on the road, your very own intimate revelation.

Listen to the full 6-track EP, officially released on Monday, June 29 under Lilystars Records.

Buy it on Bandcamp and iTunes
Listen on Spotify

The release date will not be complete without a gig to celebrate this new record. You are all invited Monday night at Boiler Room. Intimate sessions together with Dragonfly Collector, Jen Rogers, and Motto Stella. Limited edition postcards with high quality download codes will be available!

Ian Penn Wild Abandon EP Launch

E-Poster design by Jeremy Lopez | Photograpy by Gibsam Salak

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